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The Name Roudabeh

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Roudabeh is an Iranian-Persian Feminine name.

Roudabeh is in ShahnAmeh (Rostam's mother) [Edit Meaning Information]
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Find who had or has the given name Roudabeh throughout history and/or modern days, How much fashionable & frequent is Roudabeh to the others, And check it's background.
The most known family names that Roudabeh has been used with:Abdollahi, Abdi, Ahmadi, Alavi, Abbassi, Roudabeh Amini, Bagheri, Bahram, Ebadi, Ebrahimi, Farahani, Gilani, Goudarzi, Ghanbari, Ghafouri, Ghodsi, Hashemi, Haashemi, Hassani, Roudabeh Hosseini, Jahani, Karimi, Kordestani, Lorestani, Mohammadi, Mazaheri, Moghadam, Moghaddasi, Modiri, Mousavi, Roudabeh Moosavi, Mostoufi, Namazi, Najafi, Qaffari, Qafouri, Rahmani, Rahimi, Soheili, Tabrizi, Roudabeh Tehrani, Zahiri, Roudabeh Zare.

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