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1) Abbas is One who frowns
2) Abdullah is Servant of God
3) Abrisham means Silk
4) Abtin is A character in Shahnameh (Father of Fereydoon)
5) Afarin means Praise; creator
6) Afsaneh is A fairy tale
7) Afsar means Crown
8) Afshan is To sprinkle
9) Afshin is An Iranian army commander in old times
10) Afsoon means Charm; spell; bewitchment
11) Agrin means Fiery
12) Ahmad is To praise or to thank
13) Ahoo means Deer
14) Ako means Lutke
15) Ala means Flag
16) Alaleh is A flower
17) Alan means Alan
18) Alborz is the Mountain Range in Caspia
19) Ali means High; Great
20) Amanj means aim
21) Amez means Hug
22) Amin means Honest; reliable
23) Ana means Mother
24) Anahita is Goddess of water
25) Anoush is Ever lasting
26) Anousheh means Happy; fortunate
27) Anoushiravan is Name of a Persian king in Sassanid dynasty
28) Ara means Decoration
29) Arad is Name of an angel
30) Aram means Quiet
31) Arang is A Mount name around Dorfak
32) Arash is A hero in Persian folklore ( He is sacrificed )
33) Araz is A River name in Azerbayjan
34) Ardalan is An Iranian Kurdish Dynasty
35) Ardavan is A character in Shahnameh
36) Ardeshir is Famous Sassanid King
37) Arezoo means Wish
38) Arghavan is Redish Purple
39) Arjang is A character in Shahnameh (Chief Commander of Mazanderan Army)
40) Armaghan means Gift
41) Arman means Ideal; hope; aspiration
42) Armin is A character in Shahnameh
43) Arsalan means Bravery
44) Arsham means Wise
45) Arshia means Throne
46) Artin means Flame
47) Arya is Of Arian character
48) Aryamanesh is Of Arian character
49) Aryan is Of Arian character
50) Aryo is Iranian hero who fighted against Alexander ( Aryo Barzan )
51) Ashkan is The founder of an Iranian dynasty
52) Ashraf is Most honorable one
53) Ashti means peace
54) Aske means Deer
55) Aslan means Lion
56) Asmaa means Names
57) Aso means Horizon
58) Assa means Like; similar to
59) Assad means Lion
60) Assal means Honey
61) Atabak is Father's Resemblance
62) Atila means Famous
63) Atoosa is Name of an Iranian princess
64) Ava means Voice; call
65) Avizeh is A pendant
66) Avizheh means Clean; Pure
67) Awat means Hope
68) Ayda means Watervapor
69) Aydin means Enlightened
70) Aylar means Moons
71) Aylin means Corona
72) Aynaz is The moon's glory
73) Aysel means Moonlight
74) Aytak is Moon like
75) Ayyub is Job (Biblical figure)
76) Aza means brave
77) Azad means Free
78) Azadeh is The free mind human
79) Azar means Fire
80) Azargoon is A red rose
81) Azarnoush is Right in faith
82) Azin means Decoration
83) Azita is Name of an Iranian princess
84) Aziz means Dear
85) Babak is Azerbayjan national hero
86) Baha' means Beauty; brilliance
87) Bahador means knight; hero
88) Bahar means Spring
89) Bahareh is Spring Eve
90) Bahman is Name of the 11th month of the Iranian calender
91) Bahoz means Storm
92) Bahram is A character in Shahnameh
93) Bamdad is Early Morning
94) Bamshad is A famous musician in Sasanid dynasty
95) Banafsheh is A flower ( Violet )
96) Banou means Lady
97) Barbad is A famous musician in Khosro Parviz court
98) Bardia is Name of a Prince
99) Barzin means An Iranian hero; A character in Shahnameh
100) Bayram means Festival; Holiday
101) Befrin means snowy
102) Behbod is Guardian of Goodness
103) Behdad is The best Gift
104) Behez means Wise
105) Behnam is Reputable ( someone with honorable name )
106) Behnaz is Best coquetry
107) Behnoud is The name of Indian kings
108) Behrang is Good color
109) Behrokh is Best face
110) Behrouz means Fortunate; lucky
111) Behzad is Great Born
112) Belen means promise
113) Bemoni is Resemblance to the best
114) Betin means warm
115) Bijan is A character in Shahnameh
116) Bilese means Flame
117) Bilind means High; tall
118) Birousk means lightning
119) Birwa means Belief
120) Biryar means Decision
121) Bita means Unique
122) Blimet means Genius
123) Bolour means Crystal
124) Borna means Young; youthful
125) Borzoo means Tall; A character in Shahnameh ( The son of Sohrab )
126) Bousseh means Kiss
127) Bozorgmehr is A character in Shahnameh
128) Champa is one of the rice types
129) Chiya means Mountain
130) Chuwan means beautiful
131) Damoun means Jungle
132) Dara means Wealthy
133) Darab is A character in Shahnameh
134) Daristan means forest
135) Dariush is Name of Persian king
136) Darya means Sea
137) Davoud means David
138) Delaram means Quiet-hearted
139) Delbar means Charming; Sweetheart; heart-ravisher
140) Delkash means Fascinating; attractive
141) Delvese is Heart Desire
142) Derakhshandeh is Sharper / Light
143) Diana is Roman Princess
144) Dildar means lover
145) Dilovan means Compassionate
146) Dimen means scenery
147) Dina means Dinah; Judge
148) Diyako means Deioces
149) Diyari means Gift
150) Donya means World
151) Dorri is A sparkling star glittering like a gem
152) Duka is Name of a Tree in Hyrcanian Jungles of Eastern Gilan (Mazanderan)
153) Durna means crane; symbol of peace
154) Ebrahim means Abraham
155) Egid means Hero
156) Ehsan means Charity; to do good
157) Ejder means dragon
158) Elaheh means Goddess
159) Elend is the first light of Sun in the mornings
160) Elham means Inspiration
161) Elize is A town name around Roudbar (western Caspia)
162) Elman is People's Symbol
163) Elmira is Princess (arabic background)
164) Elnaz is People's glory
165) Elshan is People's glory
166) Emad means Confidence
167) Erdelan is A Royal Family name in Eastern Kurdistan
168) Esfandyar is A character in Shahnameh
169) Eshaq means Isaac
170) Esmail means Ishmael
171) Estere means Star
172) Ewindar means lover
173) Farah means Happiness
174) Farahnaz means Joy
175) Faramarz is A character in Shahnameh
176) Faranak is A character in Shahnameh (Fereidoun's mother)
177) Farangis is A female character in Shahnameh
178) Faraz means Above; up; upon; on the top
179) Farbod means Right; orthodox
180) Farhad is A character in Shahnameh
181) Farhang means Good-breeding
182) Fariba means Charming; enticing
183) Fariborz is A character in Shahnameh
184) Farid means Unique
185) Farideh means Unique; precious
186) Farjad means Excellent
187) Farkhondeh means Happy; joyous
188) Farnaz means Splendid coquetry; glorious coquetry
189) Farraj means Deliverance
190) Farrokh means Happy; fortunate
191) Farshad means Happy
192) Farshid means Happiness
193) Farzad is Splendid birth
194) Farzam means Worthy; befitting
195) Farzan means Wise
196) Farzaneh means Wise
197) Farzin means Learned
198) Ferdows means Paradise
199) Fereshteh means Angel
200) Fereydoon is A character in Shahnameh
201) Ferhad means Phraortes
202) Firouz means Victorious
203) Firouzeh means Turquoise
204) Flora is the Roman Goddess of Flowers (from latin)
205) Fojan is A loud voice or sound
206) Foroohar means Essence
207) Forough means Brightness
208) Forouzan means Shining
209) Forouzandeh means Shining
210) Fuad means Heart
211) Gelareh means Eyes
212) Ghassedak is A flower ( Dandelion )
213) Ghazal means Gazelle
214) Ghazaleh means Gazelle
215) Ghobad is A character in Shahnameh
216) Ghoncheh is Bud of the flower
217) Gilan is Land of the Gilish people (Giland)
218) Gisou is long hair of women that is often locked like tress
219) Gita is A kind of song
220) Giti means World; universe
221) Goli means Rose-colored; rosy
222) Golnar is Flower of the Pomegranate tree
223) Golnaz is Cute like a flower
224) Golshan is A flower garden
225) Googoosh is A bird name
226) Gordafarid is A female character in Shahnameh
227) Goudarz is A character in Shahnameh
228) Govend is A type of Kurdish dance
229) Habib means Beloved
230) Hami means Protector; defender
231) Hamid means Praised
232) Hamideh means Praised
233) Hanan means Tenderness; kindness; love
234) Haraz is A River name in Laridjan of Amol (Eastern Gilan - Caspia)
235) Hashem means Pulverizer
236) Hasti means Existance
237) Hawin means summer
238) Hawre means comrade
239) Hedi means calm
240) Hedyeh means Gift
241) Heja means knowledgeable
242) Hejar means poor
243) Helmet means attack
244) Helo means Eagle
245) Hemin means calm
246) Hengameh means Uproar; wonder; marvel causing admiration
247) Herme means pear
248) Hessam means Sword; Protector
249) Hetaw is Heat from the Sun
250) Heydar means Lion
251) Hirad is Appearing fresh and healthy
252) Hiwa means Hope
253) Hogir means supporter
254) Homa means Phoenix; A bird from fables ( symbolizes good omen )
255) Homayoon means Royal; fortunate
256) Homer means Homer
257) Hooman is Someone with a nice behaviour
258) Hooshang is A character in Shahnameh
259) Hooshmand means Wise
260) Hooshyar means Wise
261) Hootan is Someone with fitted body
262) Hormoz is A character in Shahnameh
263) Hozan means poem
264) Hussein means Better
265) Ipak means Silk
266) Iraj is A character in Shahnameh
267) Iran is Land of the Aryan people
268) Isa means Jesus
269) Jafar means A small river; a stream
270) Jahandar is Possessor of the World
271) Jahangir is Conquerer of the World
272) Jaleh means Dew
273) Jamal means Beauty
274) Jamileh means Beautiful
275) Jamshid is A character in Shahnameh
276) Javaneh means Sprout; young
277) Javid is Ever lasting
278) Jihan means universe
279) Jir means wise
280) Jiwani means Beauty
281) Jomerd means Generous
282) Jwan means Tryst
283) Kambiz means Fortunate
284) Kamran means Success; Fortunate
285) Kamyar means Success; Fortunate
286) Karen is the King of Tapuria Pawand dynasty
287) Karwan means caravan
288) Karzan means Professional
289) Kasra is A character in Shahnameh
290) Katayoun is A female character in Shahnameh
291) Kaveh is A great hero in Shahnameh
292) Kejal means Gazelle
293) Key-khosrow is Sassanid King
294) Keyvan means World; universe
295) Khalil means Best Friend; favorate one
296) Khandan means Smiling
297) Khashayar is Name of a Persian Achaemenid king
298) Khatereh means Memory
299) Khebat means Struggle
300) Khojassteh means Royal
301) Khorshid means Sun
302) Khosrow is Last Powerfull King of Sassanid Empire
303) Kia means Magnate
304) Kian means Reverence
305) Kiana is Royal Queen
306) Kianoosh is A character in Shahnameh
307) Kimiya means Alchemy
308) Kiumars is A character in Shahnameh
309) Koosha means Diligent
310) Kourosh means Cyrus
311) Ladan is A flower
312) Laleh means Tulip
313) Latifeh means Delicate; cute; soft
314) Leili means Nocturnal
315) Leyla is Woman of the night
316) Lili is A flower
317) Mahasti is The moon's being
318) Mahin means Greatest
319) Mahmud means Praised
320) Mahnaz is The moon's glory
321) Mahrokh means Whose face is like the moon; beautiful
322) Mahsa is Like the moon
323) Mahshid means Moonlight
324) Mahta means Moon-like
325) Mahtab means Moonlight
326) Mahvash means Moon-like
327) Mahyar is A character in Shahnameh
328) Mana means Resemblance; name of Goddess
329) Mandana is Name of a princess
330) Mani is A painter who later claimed to be a prophet
331) Manijeh is A legendary female character in Shahnameh
332) Manouchehr is A character in Shahnameh
333) Mansour means Divinely aided; victorious
334) Maral means Deer
335) Marjan means Coral
336) Marjaneh means Coral
337) Marmar means Marble
338) Maryam is Jesus' Mother (Mary)
339) Mastaneh is Drunken ( More like joyful )
340) Maziyar is Prince of Pawand dynasty (Tapuria - Modern Mazanderan)
341) Mehrab is A character in Shahnameh
342) Mehran is One of Royal Sassanid Families
343) Mehrang is Colour of the sun
344) Mehrangiz is Cause of God affection
345) Mehrdad is Gift of the God
346) Mehri means Sun; Affectionate; kind
347) Mehrnaz is The sun's glory
348) Mehrnoosh is Feeling of Goodness
349) Mehrzad is The offspring of the sun
350) Meshia is Butter made of sheep's milk
351) Milad means Birth; Christmas
352) Mina means Enamel
353) Minoo means Paradise
354) Mitra is Goddess of Goodness
355) Mohammad is One that is continuously and repeatedly praised
356) Mojdeh is Good news
357) Mojgan means Eyelashes
358) Mona is Name of a God
359) Morvarid means Pearl
360) Mostafa means Chosen one; selected from the best
361) Musa means Moses
362) Nadia means Covered with dew; tender
363) Naghmeh means Melody; Song
364) Nahal is A young plant
365) Nahid means A star; the planet Venus
366) Najme is A Style of Folkoric Eastern Gilish (Mazanderani) Genre of Music
367) Namdar means Famous
368) Namvar means Famous
369) Nargess is A flower ( Narcissus )
370) Nariman is A character in Shahnameh ( ZAl's grandfather )
371) Nasrin is A flower ( a wild rose )
372) Nasser means Protector
373) Nastaran is A flower much like a wild rose
374) Nava means Tune
375) Navid means Promise; good news
376) Nazafarin is Producing delight
377) Nazanin is Sweet heart
378) Nazgol is Cute flower
379) Nazhin is Name of a tree
380) Nazila means Cute
381) Nazli is Sweet heart
382) Nebez means invincible
383) Neda means Voice;call
384) Negah means Look
385) Negar is Sweet heart
386) Negin is The precious stone on a ring or other Jewlery
387) Niki means Goodness
388) Nikoo means Good; Beautiful
389) Niloufar is A flower ( Water Lily )
390) Nima means Sun
391) Nina is Doll (Also means mom in some dialects)
392) Nisha is Flower Purse
393) Nishtman means Homeland
394) Niyayesh means Pray
395) Niyaz means Desire; wish
396) Niyousha is A listener
397) Noor means Light
398) Noushafarin is Creator of joy
399) Noushin means Sweet
400) Omid means Hope
401) Omran means Urbanisation
402) Opal means Lotus
403) Orang means Wisdom; understanding
404) Oranous is The planet Uranus
405) Orkideh means A Flower; Orchid
406) Padideh is A phenomenon
407) Papoli means Butterfly
408) Parand means Silk
409) Parastoo is The Bird Swallow
410) Parham means Abraham
411) Pari means Fairy
412) Parichehr is Having a face like a fairy ( beautiful )
413) Parisa is Like a fairy
414) Parivash means Fairy-faced
415) Parsa means Pure; Devout
416) Partow is Ray of light
417) Parvaneh means Butterfly
418) Parvin is Name of a constellation
419) Parviz is A character in Shahnameh
420) Pasha is Most honorable one
421) Pavand is A Name of a dynasty in former Tapuria
422) Payam means Message
423) Pegah means Dawn
424) Pejman means Broken-hearted
425) Peyman means Promise
426) Peyvand means A joint; a connection
427) Piling means lion
428) Pirooz means Victorious; Sassanid Prince who fled to China
429) Poulad means A mythological hero; iron
430) Pouneh is A flower
431) Poupak is A kind of bird
432) Pouran is A successor
433) Pouya means Vivance; Sprightly
434) Pujman means Desire; wish
435) Raha means Free
436) Raman means Contemplat
437) Ramazan is Nineth month of the Arabic Calendar
438) Ramesh means Rest; cheerfulness
439) Ramtin is Famous musician in the Sassanid Dynasty
440) Ramyar means politician
441) Ranye is A Kurdish city in Central Kurdistan
442) Rasa means Expressive
443) Rashid means Righteous
444) Rayan is Royan (Region in Mazanderan)
445) Rebaz means method
446) Rihana is A Flower
447) Roj means Sun
448) Roja is the Bright Star in Morning
449) Rojan means Daily
450) Roozbeh means Fortunate
451) Roshanak is Small light
452) Rostam is A hero in Shahnameh
453) Roudabeh is in ShahnAmeh (Rostam's mother)
454) Rounak means illuminated
455) Roxana means Brightness
456) Sadaf means Pearl
457) Saeed means Happy
458) Saghar is Wine cup
459) Salar means Leader
460) Salman means Safe
461) Salomeh means Salomeh
462) Sam means High; Elevated
463) Saman means Homeland
464) Sami means Lofty; exalted
465) Samira is Feminine form of Samir
466) Sana means Praise; commendation; eulogy
467) Sanaz means Unique
468) Sangar means Protection
469) Sanjar means Prince; King
470) Sara means Sarah; pure and excellent
471) Saranjam means Decision
472) Sargol is Yellow Flower
473) Sarvenaz is Name of a tall and slender tree
474) Sassan is Founder of the Sassanid dynasty
475) Sayeh means Shade; Shadow
476) Sepehr means Sky
477) Sepideh means Dawn
478) Setareh means Star
479) Sevil means Beloved
480) Shabnam means Dew
481) Shadan means Happy; joyful
482) Shadi means Happiness
483) Shahab means Shooting star; meteor
484) Shahbaz is Royal falcon
485) Shahed means Witness
486) Shahin means Falcon
487) Shahla is A dark-eyed woman
488) Shahnaz is King's Beloved
489) Shahpour is King's Son
490) Shahram is King Ram
491) Shahrdad is Gift of the God
492) Shahrnaz is Folk's Beloved
493) Shahrokh is Face of the king
494) Shahrooz means Fortunate
495) Shahryar is The King
496) Shahrzad is Great Born
497) Shanar is Pomegranate flower
498) Sharareh is Single spark
499) Shayan means Worthy; deserving; meriting
500) Shebreh means Dew
501) Shepol means wave
502) Sheragim is A Historical Hero
503) Shervin is the Ruler in South of Mazanderan (Semnan)
504) Sheyda means Lovesick
505) Shideh means Bright; luminous
506) Shifteh means Fascinated; charmed
507) Shine means breeze
508) Shirin means Sweet; pleasant
509) Shiva means Charming
510) Shokoufeh means Blossom; Flower
511) Shokouh means Splendour; magnificence
512) Sholeh means Flame
513) Shoupeh is the Name of a bird in the Hyrcanian jungles of Mazanderan
514) Siamak is Black-haired man
515) Siavash is A character in Shahnameh
516) Sima means Face
517) Simin means Silvery; made of silver
518) Siroos means Cyrus
519) Sirvan is A River Name in Kurdistan
520) Sivan is A Mountain Name in Kurdistan
521) Sogand means Oath; Pledge
522) Sogol means Beloved
523) Sohrab is A character in Shahnameh ( Rostam's son )
524) Soleyman means Solomon
525) Solmaz means Unfading
526) Sona means Beauty
527) Soraya is The Pleiades
528) Soroush is Messenger angel
529) Soudabeh is A female character in Shahnameh
530) Souri is Red Rose
531) Souzan means Burning; flaming
532) Srousht means Nature
533) Stran means song
534) Sussan means A flower; Lily of the valley
535) Tablo means painting
536) Taha is Surat Taha in Quran
537) Tahmaseb is A character in Shahnameh
538) Tahmineh means A female character in Shahnameh; Rostam's wife
539) Tahmouress is Name of a Persian king
540) Tala means Gold
541) Tara means Star
542) Taraneh means Song
543) Taymaz means Wise
544) Tina means Clay
545) Tirdad is A character in Shahnameh
546) Tirej is Ray of Sunlight
547) Tiroj means sunlight
548) Tishk is Ray of Sunlight
549) Toogooyeh is Wise (Lezgian origin)
550) Toufan means Storm
551) Touraj is A character in Shahnameh ( Fereydoon's Son )
552) Touran is the name of Turk's Motherland
553) Towfiq means Success; Fortunate
554) Trifa means Moonlight
555) Tsupeh means Unique
556) Tukali means Volcano
557) Turang is A local bird in Caspia
558) Vahar means Spring
559) Varesh means Rainfall
560) Verne is the Historical name of the region of Caspia - Gilan and Mazanderan
561) Vida means Found; evident
562) Viyan means love
563) Wirya means conscious
564) Yaghub means Jacob
565) Yahya means John
566) Yalda is Name of the longest night of the year
567) Yashar is Ever lasting
568) Yasmin is The flower Jasmin
569) Yass is The flower Jasmin
570) Yasser means easy going; well off
571) Yeganeh means Unique
572) Yekta means Unique
573) Yousef means Joseph
574) Zagros is A Mountain Range in Kurdistan
575) Zari is Brocaded Silk
576) Zarrin means Golden
577) Zartosht means Zoroaster
578) Zayele means echo
579) Ziba means Beautiful
580) Ziryan means storm
581) Zohreh is The planet Venus
582) Artavaz means Honesty
583) Masis is Mountain name in Armenia
584) Vartan is A good man at the time of Ardeshir Papakan
585) Kuros is Cyrus, the Great
586) Kusan means Singer
587) Vahan means Shield
588) Lilit is Saint Woman
589) Yeraz means Dream
590) Arshavir means Virility
591) Tirdat is Armeanian Dynasty
592) Artin means Harutyun
593) Zohrab means Sohrab
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